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How Much Do Tile And Grout Cleaning Services Cost?

How Much Do Tile And Grout Cleaning Services Cost?

When your grout gets dirty, it can appear red, pink, brown, or black and has a genuinely disgusting appearance that you should get rid of as soon as you can. Expert cleaning protects tiles from excessive wear and tear and removes dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other irritants overlooked by everyday household cleaners. Finding out the tile and grout cleaning cost could be your first step to dealing with this problem so you can start enjoying your home again.

The cost of tile and grout cleaning depends on the amount of tile and grout you have and the area you live. You can expect tile and grout cleaning prices to start at about $450, but they can be much higher depending on many different aspects. 

We offer free estimates and are happy to discuss your business needs. Our consultation includes discussing your schedule, your cleaning details, and any other special situations or requirements you have. Please allow us to make your business look its best! One-time and recurring visits with flexible scheduling are available. If you are not satisfied with our service, we will come back and clean your office again for free!

How Much Tile And Grout Do You Have?

To make a more accurate estimate of the tile and grout cleaning cost, you need to know how much tile and grout you have to clean. Measuring the square footage of your tile and grout will let you know an approximate price for your tile and grout cleaning cost.

The average price per square foot for tile and grout cleaning is two dollars up to four dollars. Therefore, if you have 100 square feet of tile and grout to clean, you could pay between $200 and 400 dollars.

To measure the square feet of your tile and grout, use a tape measure with a marking for each foot, not one that only measures metrics. Find the length and width in feet, multiply these numbers, and you will have your square footage. 

How Is Tile And Grout Cleaning Done?

Tile and grout cleaning can be a delicate operation, and doing it wrong can have severe consequences for your home. Tiles are pretty tough and can stand most cleaning methods and chemicals, but grout is more fragile and needs protection while cleaning.

Grout is made up of mortar and sand and then has a waterproof sealer on top of it to protect it from water. A cleaner must be careful not to scrub too hard at the grout and not use a cleaner that will damage the seal.

If the grout sealer is compromised from improper cleaning, water can penetrate below the tiles, and they can start to fall off. The worst thing that can happen after a botched grout cleaning is that water gets into the walls and structural boards behind the tile, and the house’s structure can be compromised.

Cost Of Living And Grout Cleaning Prices

If your home is located in an area with a higher cost of living, you might expect the tile and grout cleaning cost to be higher. Conversely, in areas with a lower cost of living, you should expect the price of tile and grout cleaning to be lower.

It is because the people who clean your tile and grout need to be able to afford to live in the area where they are required for cleaning. If their rent and food are more expensive, they need to charge more for their labor.

Tile and grout cleaning is no easy task, so you want to hire skilled professionals to do the work for you. You can’t risk hiring an inexperienced tile and grout cleaner who might damage your grout, eventually damaging your entire home. 

Cost Of Resealing Grout

In some cases, it is wise to reseal your grout after having a tile and grout cleaning performed in your home. The cost to reseal grout can range from $150 to $250 for 160 square feet of resealed tile and grout.

This service could be vital if you have done improper cleaning or have recently moved into your house and want preventative maintenance. Leaving grout without a good seal can be especially damaging in a shower or bathtub exposed to a high moisture level.

Cost To Clean Grout Yourself

Should I clean my tile and grout, or should I hire a professional?

We believe it might be best to hire a professional as they know what they’re doing and can give you a deeper clean.

Our cleaning experts will develop a customized cleaning strategy that best fits your needs. We also offer varying cleaning hours to help fit in with your work schedule, and we have different plans available based on how frequently your space requires cleaning. Our employees are all properly vetted and screened, as we feel that your business’s security is of the utmost importance.

We offer free estimates and are happy to discuss your business needs. Our consultation includes discussing your schedule, your cleaning details, and any other special situations or requirements you have. Call us today! 410 970-6172

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